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Tea Kettle Reflection
This photo of a tea kettle was featured in an eBay auction. If you look closely, you can see the photographer standing in the reflected image...completely naked. The reflection is often pasted onto shiny objects in Fark contests.

Terri Schiavo
A tragic story, Terri lingered for years on life support and became a pawn in a fight over her husband's right to withdraw that support so she could die. This photo of her appears occasionally in Photoshop contests, mainly for the shock value it carries or a philosophical or political statement of some sort. The most notorious abuser of her image has to be Minion_69.

Tienamen Square Tank Face-off
Student unrest in the People's Republic of China in 1989 sparked this face-off of a student standing in front of a line of tanks in Tienamen Square. This photo by Stuart Franklin Magnum appeared in Life magazine. It makes occasional appearances on Fark. Large photo here is the color version. BTW, the tank driver finally drove around the student.

Toad - See Hanging Frog

Toothless Guy
I don't have any info whatsoever on this one. It's seen fairly frequently and definitely qualifies as a cliché. Drop me a line if you know anything about it.

TotalFark UFIA Road Sign
Veteran Farker the_rev was actually able to adopt a two mile section of road in Claiborne County, Tennessee as "Drew Curtis' TotalFark UFIA." He told the DOT that UFIA stood for "Uniting Friends In America." The sign stayed up until it was mentioned in a Fark thread...it came down the next day. This photo of the sign has since appeared in a few Photoshop contests. Here's a link to the Fark thread where it was announced.
The UFIA abbreviation originated from a news story about a young man who poked his friends in the backdoor with his finger on a high school football bus trip. In the story, the judge is quoted as saying "an unsolicited finger in the anus, while crude, is not criminal".

John Travolta
This shot of Travolta on the disco dance floor is from the movie Saturday Night Fever. It appears rather often, usually when somebody in the original is pointing skyward.

Tribett, Patrick - See Paint Huffer Guy

Trogdor, The Burninator
If you like Fark, there's a good chance you're a fan of Homestar Runner as well. Trogdor is one of the minor characters on this website and occasionally makes an appearance on Fark when dragons or fire is involved.
Thanks to Procedural Texture for the suggestion.

Tron Guy
This fellow seems to have withstood the test of time, having been a infrequently recurring
cliché since 2003 when he wore this costume to Penguicon, a Linux/SF convention. His real name is Jay Maynard and he's from Fairmont, MN. Jay has taken his cliché status pretty well, here's his website with a lot of photos of him in (and out) of the Tron costume and others. He also has a LiveJournal blog that he appears to update fairly regularly.

Almost as famous as
Gφatse, Tubgirl is another NSFW cliché that is banned on Fark. I won't link to the image...just believe me when I say it's totally disgusting. If you think you have to see it, do a Google search for "Tubgirl" and have another gallon of eye bleach ready....

Twilight Zone - See Shatner, William

Twin Girls
These two spooky looking youngsters are a couple of ghosts from the movie Shining. They often appear in photoshop contests when a hallway is part of the 'O'
See also Shining.

Two Girls One Cup
Even passing references to this NSFW gross-out vid are deleted by Fark's moderators
. Some examples have been allowed to stand, but generally this cliché is persona non grata in Fark contests. Google it if you're really curious, but don't say you weren't warned.